Father and Mother of the Bride or Groom Speech

Losing a daughter and gaining a son isn't always easy to express in a wedding speech.

Writing for the parents of the bride or groom is definitely, the most fun. The mam or dad are a library of information on their children, what they were like growing up as children, their awkward teenage years and college exploits.

Giving away a daughter or gaining a son, offers the parents a chance to mark the occasion with plenty of wit and humour while honoring the day that's in it.

Dads- nobody wants to hear you going on for 40 minutes. NOBODY!! Say what you need in a concise, poignant and humorous way. One which will honor the happy couple and not veer off on a tangent completely irrelevant to the occasion.

Mams- whether it's a son or daughter, who know them better?! The most beautiful speeches I've ever done have been by mothers. You have seen it all by this stage, let them know exactly how you are feeling. Your children dont get married everyday. Make it one to remember.