Paul, Cork -

Cormac, when you told me it would be as easy as breathing, if you remember, I laughed at you. My wedding was there last week, and I have to say, you were dead right spot on. All the nerves disappeared, I had the whole room in stitches the whole time. It's one of the greatest feelings I've ever had, the standing ovation afterwards blew me away.

Thank you for all your help, I'd say to anyone who's nervous about this, give Cormac a call. It is literally as easy as breathing. The pints are on me the next time we meet up bai!!

Caitlin and Daena - Bridesmaids – Connecticut, U.S.A.

I had heard one of Cormacs speeches at a wedding in Ireland and was totally blown away by the guest’s reaction to it. So, with my older sisters wedding coming up, my self and my sister emailed him to do something a little different. We did a duet, with each of us doing two verses before the other butted in and started the second two verses. It was so much fun putting it together and the coaching was really helpful and set us up perfectly for the delivery on the big day.
We were a bundle of nerves just before, as no one knew what we were up to, we had kept it completely secret from our whole family. As soon as we began, Cormac’s coaching kicked in and we had the place in uproars of laughter!!
Totally amazing experience!! Thank you so much!!

Terry - Groom - Dublin

The speech was an absolute hit last night!! Constant compliments throughout the night. The delivery was perfect. I followed your advice down to a tee, and just like you said, as soon as I stood up, the nerves disappeared. I am best man for my friend next year and I am hiring you NOW!! Thanks so much for everything!!

Andy - Groom – Westmeath

The speech blew people away!! Cannot express how grateful I am for all your help. It was incredible to stand up and have the whole room hanging on my every word. Pure class. See you at the Electric Picnic!!

Michelle - Bride – Wexford

When I heard about Cormac, I already had a short poem written but I felt it needed a little something extra. I was not prepared for the mind blowing piece that he performed for me over the phone!! The coaching was mighty craic and the whole of our guests were laughing and cheering through the speech. I was expecting some compliments for my dress etc but OMG people were going on about the poem!! Thank you so much again, you really made my special day, so much more special.

Conor - Groom - Meath

When I first contacted Cormac I was unsure what to expect. He showed me some of his work and I was still unconvinced if he was the right fit for my big day. As we collaborated on the poem, Cormac's laid back demeanour made him a joy to work with. I knew I would have a tough crowd to please but he asked the relevant questions, found the words and created a masterpiece. In the poem I could hear my voice, our story and I was comfortable with delivering it. He provided a service that filled me with confidence so I could enjoy the run up to my wedding. I am still getting people stopping me on the street saying "wow, your speech was great"! I received a standing ovation on the day and my wife still asks me to recite it to relive the memory of our special day. Thank you so much Cormac. You are gifted and you created a memory that is priceless.

Martina and Jack - Bride and Groom - Tipperary

With our wedding fast approaching, we were both anxious about our looming speeches. I have had experience in relation to public speaking at work however John being in the construction business had no such experiences.
I knew that with some practise and preparation I would be able to deliver, however John on the other hand was becoming increasingly anxious.
When we both searched on the Internet for help, we immediately came across Cormac's details.
After speaking on the phone, we arranged a meeting.
Up until the morning of the meeting and even moments before John required encouragement to continue and to take the first steps in the process by meeting Cormac.

Within moments of meeting Cormac we were both put at ease ( especially John) by his very warm character and " down to earth " approach. We chatted for almost 2 hours providing details of ourselves, our relationship and our families!
One week later Cormac met again with John and provided a draft speech poem. They practised it together for 2 hours.
They spoke on the phone every week and Cormac continued to provide advice and coaching in relation to the delivery of the poem!

On the day of the wedding, John delivered the poem in an amazingly confident way. Our guests were absolutely "gob smacked " as the poem was everything a speech should be: funny, witty, respectful to all mentioned in it, loving and emotional.

John received a standing ovation from our guests and we heard after the wedding that the poem had a few male guests crying too!!!!
Many of the guests complimented John throughout the night and appeared to be astonished by his level of confidence and delivery.

Cormac you are truly talented
Thank you so much for your help
Martina and John

James - Best man - Cork

I contacted Cormac after he was recommended to me by the tailoring company who made our suits for the wedding. I had remarked that I was terrified about the upcoming speech and Karen told me to call him. We chatted for about two hours by skype and I was laughing nearly the whole time as he got the truth out of me!! He called me back a week later with a draft and as I listened on the phone, I got very emotional. It was perfect.
A few days later, he called to the house and we began the coaching. The time flew by and before I knew it I was performing away with ease. I then recorded Cormac performing the piece onto my phone and every chance I got up until the wedding I just plugged in the headphones and listened.
On the day of the wedding I was a little nervous, but as soon as I stood up they disappeared, it was like magic!! The entire audience were laughing (and crying too ), and to my amazement the room exploded with applause and a standing ovation.
The feeling afterwards was incredible, it made the day and my brother and parents hugged me with pride. Thank you Cormac, it was worth every penny, if I’d known how it would have made me feel afterwards, I’d have given you a grand!!

Niall Minnock - Best man - Offaly

Cormac , I never put my hand in my pocket for a beer for the whole wedding thanks to your speech. The idea to write the piece as a litany of evidence delivered in a courtroom was genius. The audience went bananas for the speech, I performed it exactly as you suggested and there were plenty of moments I had to wait for the laughing to die down before continuing. The whole thing was class. Keep up the good work.

Irene Blasco - Mother of the bride. Dublin.

Dear Cormac, Just a few words to thank you for the beautiful poem you wrote for me on my daughters wedding day. The happy couple hadn’t a clue it was coming and took all the guests by surprise. The rhyme and imagery you used caused fits of laughter, tears and cheers. It was a joy to recite it. I was the star of the show!!!
I will be passing on your number to anyone I know that’s getting married. Again thanks from the bottom of my heart, best of luck.

David Laffey - Groom - Galway

Cormac I don’t know how to thank you for the amazing piece you wrote for my wedding speech. I’d been a nervous wreck even thinking about it but from the start you put my mind at ease. The wedding was yesterday and I have to tell you, you saved me!! I know it sounds extreme but you did. I looked up at one point, from the page and the guests were hanging on for the next word. There was howls of laughter and cheers from the crowd , it was an amazing feeling to have performed like a pro!!
One of my aunts came up to me and said “Seamus Heaney couldn’t have done it better!!” We are going to have the speech framed . Thanks again for all your help, it made a moment I was dreading, into one I’ll treasure forever.

Andy Carney - Best man - Tipperary

From never writing a speech before to having writer's block, whatever your 'I need a bit of help' reason may be, Cormac Lally is the man with a plan or a pen!! His natural wit and flair for an auld story is very evident as he chats over a cup of tea or a pint, if that's your tipple! I don't know how he does it, but he can make a speech from the most random of stories and ties it all together to give you a speech to be very proud of, one that will make your guests both laugh & cry. Not only does he write the speech but he also coaches in how to talk the talk. We were made so welcome and at ease from the beginning and it felt like a catch up with an old friend, going down memory lane. A unique talent, thanks so much for making us laugh & cry!! Andy & Martina (brother & sister of Groom)

Aisling - Bridesmaid

You somehow managed to sum up Anna and Daniel as individuals and as a couple, without really knowing them. Your creativity and words made the wedding speeches personal and memorable. There were tears of joy laughter and emotions were high throughout. It was just incredible. You are a genius at what you do. Your passion and enthusiasm made it an absolute pleasure to work with you on it. Thanks again for everything.

Nick - Best Man

I had the pleasure of working with Cormac to write a best man speech for my brothers wedding. It was a very enjoyable experience and Cormac is extremely gifted and talented in how he interprets what I wanted to put on paper. He heard a few childhood stories and within minutes we had a very witty and humorous poem flowing across the paper! He is a true genius with his words and I would highly recommend him for any further endeavours I have in this field! Thanks Cormac

Aidan Delaney - Bestman

I phoned Cormac after he came highly recommended to me. From the word go I felt totally at ease with what I was about to embark on as he had everything down to the finest of detail. 

Even small things were racing through my head off what may happen if I screw up the speech. By the end of the speech and coaching though I felt totally confident in what I would say and what to do.

It was no shock that the speech went down a threat, everyone was lapping up everything I said and every bit of Cormac's coaching and words came to fruition. 

More than anything he makes you look forward to what you are about to do. There is no doubt you have a skill for this and it really was great craic along the way.

I will have no problem recommending in future, Thanks again and best of luck