Wedding Speeches

Entertaining speeches for your special occasion

Be Spoke Wedding Speeches offers the opportunity for the best man, the bride and the groom to express themselves in a way that is unconventional yet thoroughly unique and heartfelt in its delivery on your wedding day.

We provide a one on one, personal coaching and mentoring plan that helps people with big wedding day nerves, public performance issues and fear of speaking in public.

Each best man, bride or groom, is unique in themselves and is given support and advice throughout the wedding day build up, as they need it.

We have never had one disappointed customer.

The best man, the father of the bride, the bride and groom themselves.

Might have a few lines, at this special time,to dust off memories shelves

Recollecting wild nights, mightn't come out just right,

When you stand up in front of your guests

There's a good chance you'll fluff,if you try"off the cuff"

And you start to get things off your chest.

The pregnant pause, the yawning in-laws.

Your mind is a blank and its root

Is you didn't call me, Cormac Lally

To say what you wanted, in truth .